How to easily drain a toilet bowl

Using a hose to empty a toilet bowl.

This is obviously not about electronics, but I think that this technique to drain a toilet bowl is practical and helpful for a lot of people as a lot of us will face this chore early or late.

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After thinking long and hard I figured an interesting way to do this otherwise dirty or wasteful chore in a clean and simple way that I couldn't find on the web. I only found methods that waste a lot of water or are a bit too involved and complicated. So I thought that I should tell the world how to do it in my better way.

The materials needed:

First, find a long enough piece of hose. I used 1m (about 3 feet) of 3/8" inner diameter hose. The larger the diameter of the hose the faster it will drain the toilet but the more water will be left in the bowl and the harder that it will be to keep the water in the hose before inserting it in the bowl's water. Conversely, the thinner the hose, the slower it will drain the water in the bowl but it will leave less water left.

If there isn't a drainage near the toilet bowl you can use a recipient as I did, but make sure that it is wide enough so that the level of the water doesn't ever rise above the water level in the toilet bowl as that would level the forces and stop the water flow.

The procedure:

Fill the hose with water as completely as possible. Very little water is actually needed for this.

Cap one end with your thumb and quickly sink the other end of the hose in the bowl's water. Need to be done quickly because the water could flow out of the hose by the open end and if there is too much air in the hose the water would not start flowing trough the hose.

Set the capped end in the recipient or drainage making sure that this end of the hose is below the level of the water in the toilet bowl.

Release your finger and the water should start flowing trough the hose. While the water flows through the hose make sure that the end of the hose in the bowl is always under the water level until all the water is drained through the hose. When it is about to finish you will hear the air bubbling through the hose.

This also works well for draining the tank.

Watch the video to see the method in action:

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